I have been shooting for over 30 years and been around photography for over 50. My dad was a professional photographer and owned Montague Studio. I sat in the dark countless hours when I was young and listened to the water running and the bumping of lids. Later I was doing all the bumping and splashing in the dark myself. I miss those days when you processed your own film and printed your own photographs. 

Back then, I hung out with Master Photographers, and those that were not masters were still the best. There weren’t very many of us. Photographers were rare. Today, everyone is a photographer and it doesn't matter what you shoot with, because the law of numbers says, if you shoot enough, you are bound to get that one shot that is awesome. And more times than not, it's just dumb luck. Even if you are really trying, well at least in my case.

With that said, please enjoy. Sometimes, even I get a great shot.   : )